A Memoir of a Different Kind

It’s a very unassuming name for a memoir. One would think it was some kind of joke, a pun, or play on words. They wouldn’t be completely wrong, but at the same time, they wouldn’t be anywhere close to the truth.
How do you describe a journey through the psyche? Especially when it’s one that follows the path of a scarred soldier. A soldier who fought hard for America’s freedom. After his brush with death, he personified the experience and allowed it to take the form of a woman.
Life can seem dark, when you lose the support system you thought you had and the constant threat of battle is removed. Limbo takes hold. The need for distraction becomes paramount. And all other needs fall secondary.
I found myself torn while reading these pages. I felt both deeply moved and deeply disturbed by the truth in the words. The part of me that still clings to classic romance wanted to be angry and offended. But the part of me that sees the pain, and sympathies with the desire to simply feel, can’t put blame where none is merited. I still am a hopeless romantic, but the truth is that danger holds appeal.
Anyone who wishes to see another view point of dealing with PTSD, and doesn’t shy away from the bold vulgarity life can hold, then I would recommend this memoir. I found it enlightening, to say the least.


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