After Earth

The movie in the spotlight this week is After Earth. I have seen it twice now, and it has renewed my faith in M. Night Shyamalan.
I have always been a fan. Throw into the mix Will Smith and his son Jaden, as well as Jada Pinket Smith as a producer, and you have a recipe for a block-buster.
Now, I know what you’re thinking. The box office called it a tank, unsuccessful, and weren’t too kind about how they said it either. That’s why I love forming my own opinion. If I always listened to what everybody else thought, I’d miss out on so much. This movie being one of them.
I could go on about all the different things that made me love this film. But like I said, I believe in formulating your own opinion.
However, I will say that it had a lot of good elements. A touching father and son struggle, finding the ability to overcome a daunting past as well as overwhelming odds, new spins on existing creatures and frightening versions of aliens, and of course the hero’s journey.
After Earth didn’t lose any of it’s appeal the second time around, and I’ll be adding it to the wall-of-movies as soon as it comes out.


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