First of the Highlander series

Beyond the Highland Mist by Karen Marie Moning.
Before she wrote the very popular Fever series, Karen wrote a series of books revolving around Highland warriors. They include some of the wonderfully crafted creatures of her other story, but take place many years in the past. Beyond the Highland Mist is the first book in the series.
Hawk doesn’t believe that any woman can tell him no. To the point where his good friend makes a wish for a sassy woman to tell the irresistible Hawk no and temper his ego. Little do either of them know, a vengeful fae overhears the wish and seeks to make it so. Reaching into the distant future to do so.
Adrienne is just trying to avoid her past, like any other girl with a psycho ex-boyfriend. She had no idea that the best way to do that would be to go to the past. The distant past. Once there, other than being confused, she is put in the position to take the place of a would-be bride. Being arranged to marry some nobleman, one who doesn’t even bother to come wed her in person, was not on her agenda.
Hawk and Adrienne finally meet and a game of whits ensues. Hawk wants his new wife to submit to him completely, but Adrienne just wants to go home. The fae responsible wants to keep both of them from getting what they want. Find out who ends up the victor in this unlikely triangle. You won’t be disappointed. Five stars.


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