Mercy Thompson Series

Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs is the most recent installment of the Mercy Thompson series. Mercy is a saucy coyote shifter who happens to be a phenominal mechanic. She was raised by Bran , the head alpha of all the North American packs, also known as the Marrok. He adopted her, for the lack of a better word, after her human mother couldn’t handle the challenge.

Over the years, she’s faced a lot of challenges. Getting into constant trouble as a kid, falling in love and being shunned as a teen, running away to start a new life, trying to become a teacher to utilize her skills and not succeeding, then randomly becoming a mechanic to make money and ending up running her own shop. All that before book one in the series.

Rogue wolf packs, a pushy local alpha, a fae boss, and even a vamp buddy all await her. The forming of family ties, strong friendships, and even some animosity happen along the way. There’s no task Mercy isn’t willing to take on, for the right reasons. And just because she’s willing to fix your car, doesn’t mean she’ll take on your other problems.

Patricia Briggs has created a beautiful and rich world. One where Fae have exposed themselves to humans and suffer for it. Where Vampires play the political games better than most politicians. And where a coyote can become a part of the pack.

Five stars for the series thus far. And I look forward to more.


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