Rest In Peace Department.

In a word: Hilarious.

I haven’t laughed, during a supernatural movie of all things, so hard in years.

Combining Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Bacon, and Mary-Louise Parker is recipe for hilarity on its own. Add in the fact that Bridges plays a deceased lawman from the old west, who doesn’t exactly follow procedure, as well as Reynolds’s snarky humor, and laughing is inevitable. But then add in the fact that, to humans, Reynolds looks like an old oriental man wielding a banana and Bridges is packaged in the tight hot body of a bodacious blonde, and the comedy gets taken to a whole new level.

And I haven’t even mentioned anything about the plot, yet I bet you already want to see it. Am I right?

So, what could be worse than losing your beloved because you’re killed in the line of duty? I think being taken down by your best friend/partner would do it, and all because of greed. Sometimes people do things with the best of intentions and that’s when the pay the highest cost.

Per the norm, there’s a much bigger picture to be seen, and there’s little time for the new partners to set aside their differences before all hell breaks loose. Literally.

I would recommend this movie for anyone over the age of 12. The action is good and well paced with the storyline, the special affects too, and honestly can’t stress the humor enough.

Five stars, cuz I want to see it again, right now if I could.


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