Bullet to the Head

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Bullet to the Head, starring Sylvester Stallone and Jason Momoa.

I’m relatively wishy-washy when it comes to older stars dusting off their tallent and coming out of retirement. But Sly is one of the few I’m okay with. He can still do his own stunts, unless he hurts something, which can happen to young actors as well. His newer movies never fail to bring some epic showdown to the table. This one is no different.

In some ways simular, but not others, this movie is comparable to The Expendables. Sly portrays an anti-hero that seems to be above the law. But this time he’s a hired gun by the name of James Bonomo, with a tattoo artist for a daughter. Someone kills his partner after they complete a job, but James(Jimmy) walks away after a short scuffle.

Now a DC detective comes snooping around, wanting to know what happened to his own partner(the mark Jimmy took out). They end up forming an unsteady alliance. Detective Kwon thinks Jimmy still needs to face the heat for his crimes, even though Jimmy saves his life. But the situation runs deeper than justice, and the two need each other in order to make sure the buck stops here.

Loaded with snark, flying bullets, and a beautiful fight scene between Stallone and Momoa, this movie will thrill fans and require a place in the DVD collections. I give it four stars, only because I’m trying not to seem overly biased


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