Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3
The Marvel label doesn’t automatically mean success, as well the fan base knows. But this third installment definitely falls under the ‘success’ category.
We take a step back and look at the effects of trauma on a superhero. What kind of affects would there be from crossing through a portal to a different dimension and dying?(Avengers) Would there be a right way to deal? Or would there only be avoidance? Though, it’s very hard to avoid something that everyone wants to talk about.
Then everything starts to go wrong. Starting small, then building to brushes with death yet again. All that is important is stripped away and has to be fought for in order to get it back.
I enjoyed this movie way more than the second Iron Man. The depth to which they took it to touched more on a basic human level, and showed us that even those who have it all can be brought to their knees. The special effects were well done, and all the supporting roles were well cast. Not to mention the new level of snark that Tony Stark uses as a shield. Way too funny.
Four and a half stars of rocket powered awesomeness.


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