Mistress of Dragons

Margaret Weis is one half of the dynamic duo that has dominated the fantasy genre for several years. But she actually has some pretty amazing stories that she wrote by herself.
One particular story is the Dragonvarld trilogy, starting with the Mistress of Dragons. Weis paints a world rich with culture, where dragons and humans live together yet separate. Where dragons try to stay away from the happenings of humans, but have a walker who keeps them updated anyway. If only they knew how intertwined the politics of both species are.
There is a hidden village, up in the mountains, that is entirely populated by women. Most of these women are gifted in repelling dragons called priestesses, while others are warriors who protect the dragon priestesses. The Mistress of Dragons, who is the spiritual leader of the village, is getting older and ready to pass. Her successor trains vigorously to try to be worthy of the position.
After a dragon attacks and is fought off by the priestesses, the old Mistress tells her protege that it’s time for her to learn the final secret. One that each Mistress is responsible for handing down before their death. But this final task, this final lesson, is more than the new Mistress ever bargained for.
Beautifully written stories such as this remind me why I love fantasy so much. Not knowing what’s going to happen from page to page is a major draw for me. Those are the nights where I keep saying “One more chapter.”
Five wonderfully blinking stars in a velvet sky.


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