Rainy Day

It rained so hard today that my roof leaked in six places.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain. But When it comes down like this, makes it flood in the areas that were scorched by the fires, there’s limited enjoyment. I know I’m one of the least affected. I know others have lost so much. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish I could help alleviate the suffering. So, I donate when I can, offer my home to my friends who find themselves in danger, and try to keep informed on how everyone is affected.

I look out the window now and there’s no visibility. Streaks of rain fall hard enough to blow into open windows and the percussion on the roof gives no comfort. The clouds are still beautiful, the thunder and lightening still inspires awe, and the cool temperature is a nice relief from the hot summer days. But they also bring with them foreboding. A sense of unease. And I wonder what the news will bring when the torrent ends.

Maybe with the excess precipitation, next year will have less fires. But the scars that already exist will take many years to heal. The land is renewed, but the trees and undergrowth won’t return as quickly as needed.

These thoughts aren’t exactly bright, I now, but when there’s a rainy day such as today, it’s hard not to think about these things. I will do my best to make the next entry more upbeat. Until then; rain, rain, go away.


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