Dark Prince

Dark Prince by Christine Feehan is the first book in a very long series about an ancient race of beings known as the Carpathians. I have a high appreciation for a different spin on a classic concept, and Feehan has created a whole new universe revolving around the origins of the vampire.
The story begins by introducing us to the living members of the Carpathian race that stay close to the Carpathian Mountains. The issue at hand is the fertility of the race and Mikhail, the current prince, is feeling the burden of finding a solution. He is powerful and old, but with that comes the persistent reminder that he has yet to find a mate that will balance the darkness within. If he loses his soul, he will become a vampire, damned and lost for eternity until a hunter can bring him down.
Raven is a telepathic human that has assisted with the hunting of multiple serial killers. She’s exhausted and just needs a break, so she travels to a distant land. Once there, she encounters a powerful mind, one that shares her level of sadness. They confide in each other, Mikhail thinking that Raven is imaginary and Raven believing that Mikhail is far away. They are both wrong and will learn quickly that not only are they destined to be together, but are each the salvation the other seeks.
Twenty some odd books, perhaps more, comprise this extensive series. And though I’ve been reluctant to read some of the newer novels, I am entrenched in the story threads that have been woven into this beautiful tapestry. This, being the first in the series, is a undiluted and well written example of Feehan’s Dark series. And I give it five undying stars for starting the storyline I love so much.


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