The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

I resisted seeing this movie, due to all the hype surrounding it. The books aren’t even on my shelf, yet, so I didn’t even have that for a basis of comparison. But really, after all the movies that have fallen flat compared to the books, maybe that’s a good thing.

Now that I have seen the movie though, I plan on making it a point to get the books. I enjoyed the story quite a bit, the special affects were well done and appropriate for the scenes, and I believe all of the characters were well cast. Reading the books will tell me that for sure or not.

So Katniss is a poor girl in a poor town. Nothing spectacular there. But she has stepped up to care for her sister in the vacuum that was created when her father died in the mines. Her mother is lost, and Katniss hunts to provide for what her family needs. This protective streak makes the decision to step in for her sister when her name comes up to be tribute in the Hunger Games an easy one. Katniss volunteers to take her place and travels, along with a boy from her town, to the capitol in order to properly prepare.

The other competitors, as well as all of the bureaucrats and fancy dressed citizens, are slightly intimidating, but Katniss makes a good impression. With her mentor as well as everyone else. That’s very good for her, because she’ll need all of the support(mainly all of the “gifts” she gets from sponsors) she can get.

It’s fantastic to see a strong, young female lead that has a strong survival instinct and sound moral judgment to back her. I give the Hunger Games an arrow through five star apple cores.



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