The Silver Wolf

The Silver Wolf by Alice Borchardt.

I’m stepping back to the first wolf-shifter story I ever read. Historical pieces aren’t usually my flavor, but this one made me want to go out and find every wolf/werewolf story I could get my hands on.

Alice Borchardt, sister of Anne Rice, was an ingeniously talented writer. Fueling her stories with intricate detail and making it a plausible truth for the time, she drew in her readers with intrigue and suspense.

The Silver Wolf follows the perils of Regeane’s life. A descendant of Charlemagne, she’s been promised to a barbarian lord for marriage. But that doesn’t stop her uncle, who’s also her guardian, from trying to manipulate her to give himself political power. With the threat of being turned into the Church for witchcraft hanging over her head, she has to obey or risk being burned at the stake.

It’s her father’s lineage that gives her the gift of being both woman and wolf. And perhaps the combination of the two that give her the ability to sea beyond the veil of death. That, more than her wolf, scares her uncle into acting rashly.

Then a black wolf appears on the moonlit stretches of the Campagna surrounding Rome. He entices the wolf in Regeane, and she wishes for nothing more than to flee with him. But her new husband is arriving soon, and the closer he gets, the tighter the noose gets.

I only wish there were more books in this series. There could never be enough of this storyline. Five ghostly stars flickering in the moonlit sky.


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