World War Z

World War Z

There was definitely a lot of hype surrounding this movie. From all of the wonderful previews, I expected a fast paced and action loaded thrill ride. I didn’t get it. Not exactly. I know Brad Pitt is hot and all, but he couldn’t quite balance the parts of the movie that were info dumps.

Don’t get me wrong, the concepts were wonderfully thought out. But I’m thinking the book will make me love them even more. That’s normal, I know, but I just felt like I wanted a little more.

The beginning started the bar high, maybe that was part of my issue. With the initial breakout and ensuing escape, the pace promised to be steady and the zombies present the whole time. Not that I want more zombified screen time, but they used all of the good shots on the previews and I wanted something I hadn’t seen.

This speaks much to the marketing of stories, both cinematic and literary. If you put all of the juicy bits into the build-up, then the actually delivery will fall short.

So the merits here lay in the plot, the new spin on the outbreak and immunity of the disease, and the bottom line drive to get back to family in the end. Watch it again, yeah sure, but own it, not if I have to pay top dollar. I’d take it as a gift.

Okay, that was kind of mean. I’ll give it three and a half brain exploding stars. That seems fair.


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