The Wolverine


This movie has finally been seen by this humble Marvel fan.

There were plenty of opinions being given on the content and storyline, before I even had time to get excited. But, as per my normal habits, I still had to see it before formulating my own thoughts about it.

And I couldn’t be happier.

I know little of the comics, I’ll admit, but I know some of Logan’s backstory. This movie was an attempt to blend that story with the added twists from the story the newer movies follow. And I think they did a great job.

A man from Logan’s past seeks to pull him out of the guilt ridden state he’s drowning in. The longevity that is part of his mutation comes with the burden of many memories, both old and new. As the image of Jean Grey plagues his sleep, he finds himself in the position of keeping a young Japanese woman alive. At least until her grandfather, whom Logan saved when America bombed Japan, can pass his empire’s control to her.

A shady oncologist and a bow wielding ninja are in hot pursuit of the two, and Logan’s heart prevents him from walking away. But even the red haired girl with the ability to see peoples death, and who fights with Logan, can’t help him when his ability to heal gets taken away.

Can Logan survive or will his eternity finally meet it’s end?

I’m sure that’s a redundant question, for those in the know. But it can still make you wonder. Beautiful special effects, and a crazy roof-top fight on a bullet train, what true Wolverine fan can deny the appeal?

For propriety’s sake, I give this movie four adamantine tipped stars.


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