Theater Illuminata Series

The Theater Illuminata series by Lisa Mantchev is a beautifully spun tale of a teenager coming into her own. This spin on the inner workings of dramatic theater takes the reader to a new level of fantasy.

What if your best friends were the fairies from A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Or the pirate lad from The Little Mermaid? Or the air elemental from Tempest? No, not the actors who played them, the actual characters themselves. Beatrice Shakespeare Smith, Berty, is fortunate enough to claim this as truth.

A normal teenage girl’s life is complicated enough, but Berty has a deeper truth to find as well as keeping all of her friends safe at the same time. Safe from unstoppable forces as well as herself. A betrayed sea goddess doesn’t want her to succeed, neither does the theater manager.

But how much is at stake? Can Berty find and bring together both of her parents? And when the sea goddess captures the pirate lad, Nate, will Berty be able to save him? And will she break Ariel the air elemental’s heart if she can?

So many question to be answered, and such a long journey to travel before the truth can be found.

I found the first book in this series at a yard sale for a quarter. Best coin I’ve ever spent. I had to special order the other two, but I did it with a smile on my face. It’s almost impossible to tell if this story is set in the modern world, even with certain hints, but I don’t mind. The fantasy carries me away and I say weeeee!

Since the first title in the series is Eyes Like Stars, it’s only appropriate for the series to receive five sparkling stars glimmering in my eyes.


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