Dario’s Journal prt 4&5

They found us a few days ago.

I can not figure out how. We were so careful. No traces left behind for even the best of trackers.

But the Coven keeps proving themselves to be worthy foes. We had to abandon our belongings that had been hidden. Return when we lost them.

Mazarah stopped talking to me. Maybe she thinks this is my fault. Maybe she’s right. Or maybe she refuses to acknowledge the witches I had to take down in order for us to get away. I know I don’t want to remember them.

When the animal in me takes over, I no longer have a choice. Instinct. Hunger. Rage. That is what the animal knows.

What does she expect?!

No. No!




That last lapse cost me two more days.

All the progress I thought I’d made. Gone.

I can’t afford to make these kind of mistakes. Even if Mazarah flanked me the whole time, steering me away from populated areas. She can not do this for me forever. Longevity aside.

It has been three months since the Coven tried to feed me to their pet.

I need to see my family. And I am not sure how long I can keep myself from going.

Though Mazarah will try her best to keep my away.

No, I would not consider myself safe to be around, but they are my family and they need to know I’m alive.

I do not care what it takes, I have to go.


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