Laid Bare

Laid Bare by Lauren Dane.

Before Fifty Shades of Grey gained popularity, there were little gems of beauty like this that gave vanilla people a look into more colorful flavors. More importantly, it shows how consenting adults can live the lifestyle together and make it work.

Erin and Todd had an opportunity when they were young. To allow themselves to feel deep passion and trust each other enough to let go. But Todd had fears, doubts, and decides to walk away from the possibilities Erin offers.

Fast forward ten years. Todd is at the end of a miserable marriage and moves back to Seattle. Erin has had her own troubles as a successful musician and now runs a little café next to her brother’s tattoo parlor. When the two meet back up, they find the fire is all but doused.

Todd finally accepts what kind of person he is deep down, and he has the chance to make things right with Erin. Adding a third member, Ben, could complicate things. Or just make the equation more fun.

As tragic past events are revealed and old demons faced, the triad will learn how to support each other, as well as find the way to heal scars.

A must read for anyone who loves romance, suspense, and tasteful kink. Five intricately tattooed stars.


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