Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Percy set the bar pretty high by saving Olympus and returning Zeus’s bolt. Now, back in Camp Half-blood, he faces ridicule every day for not being able to match the feat. His self doubt increases when another son of Poseidon shows up and Percy discovers that Luke still lives. No matter that his supposed half-brother is a Cyclops.

Thalia was the only daughter of Zeus, but she gave her life to save her kin. It’s her essence that guards Camp Half-blood in the form of a barrier. With Luke’s reappearance, the tree that stands where Thalia died and holds up the magic of the barrier gets sick. The one thing that protects all the Half-bloods from their enemies is fading fast, and the only way to restore it is to find the Golden Fleece.

Clarice, daughter of Aries, is dispatched as the Camp’s hero with the task of bringing back the fleece. But Percy has been told of a prophecy that depicts him as the one fighting Luke for the fleece, so he sets off too. Along with his friends; Grover, Annabeth, and newly-found-brother Tyler.

But will the Sea of Monsters, what we call the Bermuda Triangle, prove to be too much for the son of Poseidon?

Though I have yet to read the series, so far I’m a fan of the movies. Predictable, maybe. Boring, never. I fell in love with he Hippocampus(a gorgeous representation of a water horse), and the other special effects didn’t disappoint either.

If you enjoyed the first, you’ll like the second. Four and a half Olympian powered stars.


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