Oblivion with Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman

This movie had some merits, but I was disappointed over-all. The previews painted a much different picture than what came out on screen.

Spoiler Alert!

Ok, so there are two people who are maintaining the droids that guard these giant towers(which syphon sea water in order to be used for hydro-power in the human settlement on one of Jupiter’s moons). They are a mated pair, one to navigate while the other flies around a designated zone that isn’t polluted with radiation.(supposedly we won the war , but destroyed our planet)

The pilot, played by Cruise, loves everything about  our past culture and he doesn’t want to leave. The navigator just wants to be done with it all. The giant ship that will take them to the human settlement orbits the Earth, and controls all of the electronics used to do the maintenance.

After a few of the droids go down, due to “alien” interference, the pilot goes out to get them back up and going. He ends up finding out there are still people alive, he refuses to let the droid destroy pods that have landed with people alive inside them(one being a woman that he dreams about nightly), but can only save the one woman. Turns out she’s his wife. The zones don’t mark the edges of radiation, they separate clones of the same two people, the pilot and navigator.

To make what could be a long story short, Cruise finds all this out as well as realizing that he’s working for the real bad guys. So, what does he do? He blows the big ship up after leaving his “wife” in his personal sanctuary. And one of his clones finds her later, along with the refugees that no longer have to hide under ground.

Mainly, it just wasn’t what I’d expected. And the fact that Morgan Freeman plays the rebel leader doesn’t fully redeem all the flaws. I will say that I didn’t hate it, but they could have done more.

Three cloned stars that think they’re more important than they really are.


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