The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephanie Meyer is the subject of my review today. It’s no secret that I’m a Twilight fan. I’ll even admit that I heard about the books because of the buz around the first movie. I give credit where it is due, and the series opened many doors to looking at older concepts.

That being said, I liked it when Meyer pulled away from Bella’s POV. Whether it was Jacob or the much anticipated book from Edward’s POV, Midnight Sun, the alternate views gave the writing a much needed switch in flow. This novella is a perfect example of that.

Bree Tanner made a very brief appearance in Eclipse as part of the “New Born Army” created to destroy the Cullens. She was dispatched, unfortunately, by the Volturi in order to keep order. So there wasn’t any doubt about where the story would be going.

What kept us intrigued was the behind the scenes peek into what the army did while they increased their numbers. Even more than before, Meyer built the sympathy for Brea. One can not help but wish that there could be another outcome for this doomed girl. And there’s even a little bit of a lead that could eventually spawn another story.

If you enjoy little pieces of the puzzle that you don’t get when in the main character’s POV, then this story is worth checking out. It graces my shelf, and so will Midnight Sun when it comes out.

Four and a half ill-fated stars that sputter before winking out of existence.


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