The Raintree Trilogy

The Raintree trilogy is a three author series written by Linda Howard, Linda Winstead Jones, and Beverly Barton. The split is pulled off well due to the fact that each book, Silhouette Nocturne varieties less than 300 pages a piece, are from the view points of three siblings.

The first in the series, Raintree Inferno, Follows Dante Raintree. He is the oldest, Master of Fire, and King of the clan. Running a Casino poses enough of a challenge, but when a beautiful woman catches his eye at the same time tragedy engulfs his establishment, Dante wonders if the two are connected. And why he can’t shake the affects of this woman. Is he losing his touch, i.e. his control over fire, or is an old nemesis to blame?

Raintree Haunted, book two, introduces us to Gideon, Dante’s brother. As a homicide detective, a master of lightening, and one who can talk to ghosts, Gideon has a very full plate. Throw in the mix a new case involving a serial killer, a new partner in the form of a beautiful and alluring woman, and the possibility of love and you have a fight to save all that is precious to Gideon. But the biggest surprise is yet to come.

The final book, Raintree Sanctuary, finds Mercy, the sister of both Dante and Gideon, ready and willing to protect the sacred home place of her clan. Deep in the Smokey Mountains, she has remained isolated from the world in order to protect her secret. But a dark figure from her past threatens to destroy her family, her home, and wants to take her life as well. Can Mercy stand against the gathered forces? Or will her daughter, Eve, be taken from her forever?

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this series. There’s a bit of a stigma surrounding Harlequin books. One that paints them as “not a real novel”. But I’ve found several exceptions, including these. And the fact that they’re each by a different author amazes me. The story is smooth and well plotted out so that it flows from one book to the next. Personally, I give these ladies five sultry stars on hot nights. Well played.


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