Fantasy Lover

The book I’d like to review this week is Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Catchy name, right? Well, that’s okay, because this books marked the beginning of a world-wide phenomenon known as the Dark Hunter series. With a graphic novel collection, almost thirty books, and a possible TV series in the making, this series has caught fire with its exceptional alternate reality and yet realistic depiction of New Orleans.
Any-who, this story starts with Grace Alexander. She’s had a horrible go at relationships and her best friend is nagging her to get back in the saddle. But going as far as to invoke an ancient scroll for the chance at your ideal lover, is she that desperate? Apparently, because her friend talks her into finishing the ritual, and the next thing she knows, there’s a hot hunk of man in her home.
Julian is all any woman could ever want, but there’s a hollow aspect to his warm embrace. Grace works to help people every day, and she make sit her mission to not only help Julian, but take him out to see the world that has been denied him for thousands of years.
And tha’s when she learns that Julian isn’t just some Spartan warrior who was cursed as a love slave. No, he’s much, much more.
Even with the massive reading list this series added to my already extensive shelf, and the odd way of melding perspectives that took some getting used to, this series is worth the work. I love the mythology, no seriously, there’s a lot of mythology. And the variations that make it all Kenyon’s universe.
Four glorious stars in the Olympian sky.


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