The Goonies

Throw Back!

Who hasn’t seen The Goonies?

Okay, maybe quite a few of the newer generation, but that’s alright. They have no idea what they’re missing.

This movie, along with a few others, started the foundation of my love for movies as well as good story telling. I mean, what child could turn down the call to adventure in the form of an old treasure map? Especially if that treasure could save your whole neighborhood from being torn down by conniving business men. Then the adventure takes a twist when the group of friends runs into a group of fugitives that have no qualms about shooting people. And they want the treasure too!

You see what I mean?

The cast, which happen to be a group of actors that went on to become mostly big names, drive this funny thrill-ride to side gripping heights. And even with the older graphics, it remains a classic for all ages. When the new generations finally watch it, they’ll know.

Five golden stars lost in the treasure One-Eyed Willy for hundreds of years.


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