Night Play

Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Part of the Dark Hunter series, yet different as well due to the fact that the main guy isn’t a Dark Hunter, this book is inspiring. And I have to give credit where it is due, if not for a very good friend of mine, I would not have been interested in this series until much later. And it’s all due to this book. She loved it more than any other of the many books that comprise this universe.

Now I know I just recently reviewed Fantasy Lover, the first “technical” book in the series, but I felt like I hadn’t done the situation justice.

Weird? Yeah, I pretty much am.

I love Bride, the leading lady in this tale. She reminds me of, well, me. Independent, stubborn to a T, down on herself, and doesn’t understand it when someone shows interest. Especially when that someone is a very handsome man.

Vane is that man. But he doesn’t think he deserves Bride. She is too beautiful, too intelligent, and kind-hearted for an animal like him. And I do mean animal.

When Bride’s ex shows back up, (and believe you me, I wanted very badly to give this guy the beating of his life) Vane gets possessive of Bride and shows the guy what happens when you mess with a Kattalakis Were-Hunter.

Oh, I just got a shiver.

This book makes me happy, knowing that there are those that appreciate thicker women.

Yes, I grant this book five fate entangled stars. It’s just that good.


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