The Night Eternal

The Night Eternal by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan.

I waited and waited to find this book. When I found it, only happen-stance could be blamed. My mother just happened to read off the title as we were in a second hand store. I squeed. Just sayin’. I couldn’t believe that she’d actually found a book I’d been hunting for, for months no less. To my poor, penny-less self, the two dollar tag was like a sign slapping me in the face. BAM!

Little to say, I picked it up and kind of milked the process of reading it. It is the last book in the series The Strain. Yes, I reviewed the first book quite a while back. And now I get to finish with my final thoughts.

Now I know I’ve built up the hype a bit, but don’t worry, the last installment was far from a disappointment. In fact, I believe this whole series has a bit to offer to every single reader of thriller, Sci-Fi, fantasy, horror, and theoretical fiction.

We pick up with it being two years after The Fall. Yes, I about died. Two years! An army of drone vampires, under command of The Master, have subjugated the human race in the wake of nuclear devastation. An everlasting night, with only a few hours of mock sunlight, covers the atmosphere. And we are being used as food stock in the form of blood farms.

Doctor Ephraim Goodweather has lost everything. He is partially to blame for not stopping the end of the world as we know it. His ex-wife was turned and stole their only son away, he is no longer an elite epidemiologist for the CDC, and his kind-of girlfriend has found comfort with another man because Eph has no more to give. Not to mention the new drug addiction to help him cope.

But Dr. Goodweather still has a purpose. He’s still living outside the new regime. He is still a threat to The Master, who wants Eph smeared out of existence. And they have the Lumen, a tome that tells everything about the history and origins of the vampires and their blood worms.

Frustration, incredible odds, and temptation stand in the way of achieving freedom. And it’s all based on unstable friendships, both new and old. All Eph knows is that he’ll do anything to get his son back. Anything.

Even with the heavy biblical undertones, this ending was extremely satisfying. Things kept popping up that I wasn’t expecting, and that makes me a happy reader. I know I’ve been giving them more often, but it’s hard not award this book top marks. So five stars glimpsed through inky skies. There is always hope.


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