Into The Dreaming

Into The Dreaming by Karen Marie Moning
What can I say? I really like her writing. But what I love best about this novella, the edition I read particularly, is that it clarified an issue I was having with her two series. The Highlander series is a historical romance that borders on the paranormal. Her Fever series on the other hand is a straight up paranormal that has a decisive element of romance.
So where’s the problem you ask?
Well, both series involve the Fae. I was under the impression that the universes overlapped, but I assumed wrong. In this brief and beautiful story, Karen went through the first stages of creating the Fever series as it is today. So it shares similar characters, but are not at all related.
What would Highland warrior Aedan ManKinnon do to save his family and home? Anything. Even give himself over to the Unseelie King for imprisonment. Five years doesn’t seem like too much to ask, except that five years in Faery is five hundred years in the mortal realm. By that time, the dark King has almost created himself a perfect new Vengeance of the broken highlander.
But the Seelie Queen, sworn rival of the dark one, has taken a keen interest in keeping the King from his goal. Sending an enchanted tapestry through time to the only woman that can set Aedan free doesn’t seem like cheating. More like giving the doomed warrior a fighting chance.
Jane Sillee didn’t expect to wake up on the shores of an ancient land. She’d simply been trying to get her novel published. But the fools she’d sent it to said her leading man wasn’t real enough, even though he’d starred in her dreams all her life. Now he stands atop a ruined keep, and she must win him over to save them both.
I found this story engaging, colorful, and a little too close to home. *Shivers* Creepy. Any-who, I give it four and a half stars that managed to keep shining over the centuries. And Jane, I feel ya chickie.


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