Pacific Rim

I finally got to see Pacific Rim.

Yes, I know, slow much? But hey, at least it was worth the wait.

People told me they didn’t like it and that I shouldn’t see it…glad I didn’t listen. Not that I ever do.

Okay, okay, this review is starting off too snippy. It just makes me want to reiterate that you should always formulate your own opinion! I’m a big fan of taking what people say, validating it as a singular view point, and then putting it aside so that I can work my way through the plotline unhindered.

For example:

One might think that robots and giant monsters are too much for one movie. I happen to be a fan of anime and don’t agree. Pacific Rim is a well done story, with a plausible plot, that happens to have awesome fights between massive robots and creepy crawlies from another dimension. Yeah, a handsome face operating the machine doesn’t hurt either. But there are more layers to be had!

How damaging would it be to have your mind linked to your brothers, so that you can operate a warrior of epic proportions and save the human race, and then have him ripped from you by the huge claws of your enemy? I’m thinking a lot. And then they ask you to come back and fight again, but this time with a new person to link with. WTF?!

Honor is honor, however, and nobility dictates that when you’re given the chance, you save the world. The price can never be too high.

Add in some tongue and cheek humor, and a few rowdy brawls, and what’s not to love?

To be fair, there is a reused concept floating around in here, amidst beautiful special affects and witty dialogue. So, four stars that slipped through an inter-dimensional rip at the bottom of the ocean. Hold the line!


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