How to Discipline Your Vampire


How to Discipline Your Vampire by Mina Vaughn.

The name implies it all, right?

Well, I won’t deny that. Mina Vaughn writes a very beautiful as well as intriguing story. Her use of words, descriptions, and ability to form believable and layered characters made this a quick read for me. The humor, whit, and pop-culture references made the plot easy to identify with, just as much as the characters did.

My only critique is that the end seemed too mundane and easily resolved. There was definite room for more conflict with a more satisfying resolution.


Meet Cerise. She’s a frustrated Domme who can’t seem to find the kind of Sub to keep up with her rigorous schedule. Her mentor, Erin, seems to think that her standards are too high, but fails to provide a beneficial solution. So Cerise decides to give it one more try and goes to a function.

That’s where she meets William.

He’s tall, dark, and everything Cerise could want in a Sub. He even passes the test of agreeing to all of her prerequisites.

William seems like a perfect match, until Erin shows up and tells Cerise that he has a reputation. They call him Chilly Willy, both for his frigid temperature and his inability to commit.

In spite of all this, Cerise decides to proceed. William more than meets her expectations in the role-play department, he even brings journals to make his character more real. But once Cerise starts to read, a whole new side of William comes to the surface. A side that paints his past as a very long, lonely existance.

Cerise is reluctant to believe and gets irritated with William when he insists on pushing her. Who’s the Domme here anyway? Memories that she buried long ago begin to surface, partially due to her feelings for William and partially because she witnessed something similar to her experiences at her substitute teaching job.

If things weren’t already complicated, her ex-sub is currently with Erin and the bad ending from that situation still lingers. Cerise has to deal with her deepening feelings for William and the fact that he insists he’s a vampire, balancing her job, dealing with her past, and figuring out what she wants in her future. William’s cool touch might be just what she needs to get her life in order, especially when the ex starts to meddle.


The only reason I give this four scintillating stars is due to the low wow factor toward the end. Otherwise, brava! And I look forward to more wonderfully decadent things From Mina Vaughn in the future.


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