Mortal Instruments City of Bones


Mortal Instruments City of Bones

I finally got to see this when it hit dvd and I’m sad I didn’t get to see it sooner.

A friend of mine gave me the book a few years ago and I found out right after that they were making a movie. So I did the smart thing and waited to read it. For which I think was very wise.

I’ve had several epic disappointments recently regarding book to movie cross-overs(*cough, cough* The Host *cough, cough*). But watching the movie first has given me a drive to read the book that I didn’t have before. I mean, it sounded interesting(no offense to Cassandra Claire), but I have shelves of unread books that are there because they sound interesting. Knowing how much they usually omit from movies to keep them short, I really want to know what we didn’t actually see.

I fell in love with Lilly Collins as a young actress. She’s very expressive and steps into a role with great ease for one still new to the game. So playing Clary, a typical oblivious teen who rolls her eyes at her mom, fit like a second skin. Even when things got confusing and scary, Collins showed Clary’s ability to adapt as if it were her own life on display.

Then there is Jamie Campbell Bower. Wow. I knew he could play many different kinds of roles, but color me surprised when he played a cocky and sarcastic teen who still had me rooting for him when I thought he was being a jerk. And that kiss between them. Nice. I hope it wins best on-screen kiss somewhere in the near future. It merits the recognition.

And I haven’t even gotten to the plot yet! Pulled me in, right off the bat. Especially the random drawing of the angelic rune. Curiosity, this is your pique! I am one of the people that enjoys a new spin on an old concept, especially when it is taken and made into something that belongs soully to the author. So this was right up my alley.


Clary has been drawing this symbol, for longer than she knows, and it is that symbol that tempts her into a club she usually wouldn’t visit. And surprise, she gets in! She doesn’t quite match the crowd, but she dances anyway, until she notices something odd. There’s a patron being restrained by a group of three and no one seems to notice, except her. Interest turns to horror as the three kill the restrained man and she screams in dismay. The whole club goes quiet and everyone is staring at Clary, including the three murderers.

Her best friend Simon drags her from the bar, but her life is forever altered. Her mother tries to talk to her about something important, but in typical teenage fashion, Clary refuses and leaves. One of the guys from the night before finds her and wants answers, but so does she, and while they’re in a heated discussion in the alley, her mother calls and is being attacked at home.

Their apartment is empty, save one little demon, when Clary gets there. Now she has to trust this weird guy she’s just met and no one else can see, in order to find her mother and claim her birthright. She’s a Shadow Hunter, born to fight the endless waves of demons, just like her mother.

So many secrets and ten times more questions, and the other Shadow Hunters don’t seem to want her there, except Jace. Her mother holds most of the answers, including the location of one of the Mortal Instruments known as the Mortal Cup, but Clary has little to go on in order to find her. Time is not on her side.


Vampires, werewolves, warlocks, oh my! And they fit so well into the new universe, as if made for each other. Which, of course, they were. Ha! So, yes, I loved this movie. And watched it three times in the first two days.

Five hidden rune signs displaying angelic stars. Are you brave for a Mundane?


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