Okay, so this is the first movie in this series that I missed in the theater.


But I was able to get it as soon as it hit dvd, so it could be worse.

The character of Riddick, played to perfection by Vin Diesel(Don’t judge my bias!!), has always been my favorite example of a true anti-hero. There’s just something about a man who can growl like that…

Anyways, this extension to his tale was a logical, yet unexpected, turn to take. At first you’re asking what the hell happened, and then it starts to unfold. How he had to watch his back for refusing to fully accept his role as Lord Marshal, then wanting to find his home planet, Furya, and of course the betrayal that lands him close to death on a barren wasteland.

The creatures were fantastic. Brought the feel of the movie closer to home and the original Pitch Black concept. Loved, loved, loved the addition of an animal companion and the suppressed emotions that came with it.

I had even been warned about the heavy insinuation toward rape, but honestly, it wouldn’t have had the same impact without it. I don’t down the severity of such a crime, believe me I don’t, but I saw it more as an opportunity to show that Dahl was a bad-ass bitch that could hold her own against the roughest in the universe. She whooped one of them, a few times, and was still standing when the credits rolled. I like her.

And Riddick showcased his aptitude to regain his animal side. So, overall, I loved it. Don’t be shocked, five stars left in various messages warning you to chose if you live or die. So many lives could have been spared.


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